Dog training can feel overwhelming. How do you effectively communicate basic commands to your new best friend who doesn’t speak the same language as you? While you might not know where to start, it’s important that your dog learns the basics of obedience to guarantee a happy life for both you and your pup. A well-behaved dog makes for a safer pet and a better housemate. Don’s Behavioral Dog Training offers the professional dog training you need to get you and your furry friend on the same page.

The most important aspect of dog training is ensuring your pup knows who’s in charge — you! Once this foundation has been established, you will start to see tremendous progress in your dog training efforts. A few of the most basic and the most important commands your dog needs to learn are heel, sit, stay and come. You want to avoid confusing your dog, so be sure to say their name before each short command and every time to offer consistency. Ongoing dog training should be brief. A dog’s attention span is short, so think 10-15 minute increments, three to five times a day. That is ideal for basic command repetitions. Ultimately, your dog wants to please you. Dogs respond to praise but shrink from punishment. Patience and consistency pay off and result in turning your pup into a responsive and loyal friend

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