Dog training is the process of teaching a dog to perform behaviors in response to certain commands. There are many dog training types and many objectives, from basic obedience training to specialized areas, including police dog training, search and rescue, assistance to people with disabilities, and entertainment.

People often forget that dogs do not understand every word they are saying.  Just keep in your mind that they do not have a memory that functions like ours. I will give you an example: he will not understand if you have been out, left your dog alone, and then arrive home to find he has messed on the floor. It is no good to shout at your dog or punish him since they cannot connect between what you are shouting about now and their messy actions of a few hours ago.

For your dog to understand a reprimand, it has to be done when the undesirable action occurs. It may be frustrating that your dog may do the undesirable actions a few times before you catch him in the act to deal with it. Still, you must have patience and perseverance — do not give in and punish your dog after the event because it is pointless and will be ineffective, and in actual fact, may make matters much worse!

You should obviously ask yourself why your dog is doing the undesirable behavior, too. For example, he may need a good walk before you leave, so he has the opportunity to relieve himself before you leave.

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