When it comes to developing a dog’s life, the first 16 weeks are critically important to its growth. This is both true for their physical health as well as their mental and emotional development. This is very similar to the development of a child. It sets the foundation for the rest of their life. Therefore, puppy training is essential to fostering a healthy, loyal and amazing pet for the rest of their life.

But just like any training, professional dog training goes a long way toward establishing healthy habits — both for the puppy and you as the owner! The behavior you both establish when the dog is a puppy becomes ingrained. So, let’s make sure they’re positive behaviors!

At Don’s Behavioral Dog Training in Elk River, Minnesota, we believe the key to effectively training your dog (or puppy, in this case) is to understand the way a dog thinks and communicates. Operating on terms they understand goes a long way to forming an understanding between you and your furry friend. Don Dahlberg is a former zookeeper with a degree in biology, a degree in biological parks management, a vet tech diploma, and various dog training certificates.  He has years of experience as a professional dog trainer, familiar with many different dog training philosophies.

Puppy training is the most effective way to teach your dog great habits. 

In case you’re still not sold on just how important puppy training is and why you should seek the help of a professional dog trainer, we’ve laid out the top 10 benefits of puppy training in today’s post. If you have any further questions or would like more information about Don and his dog training philosophy, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

  1. Bonding Time

Puppies look to you for love, support and guidance, much like a child would. Spending time together during puppy training is a fantastic way to strengthen the bond between you and your puppy, which in turn, goes a long way toward the success of the training.

  1. Basic Obedience

Puppy training includes essential skills like going outside to potty and forming a regular, healthy eating schedule. However, you also have the chance to teach them basic commands. 

  1. Block Behaviors

Puppies are naturally going to have habits and behaviors you want to block, such as biting or barking. Many “punishments” are actually rewarding in terms of giving them attention. Professional dog training helps establish healthy ways to block and eliminate unwanted behaviors.

  1. Build Confidence

Confidence goes a long way for your puppy and yourself as their owner. Puppy training teaches them that you are dependable and that they should feel confident with you anywhere. For you, you gain the confidence that your puppy is trustworthy and safe anywhere.

  1. Strong Support

Puppies are adorable, but they are also a lot of work. Professional dog training allows you to learn and rely on an experienced teacher throughout the puppy training process. Confirmation can be just as important for you as you learn how to manage a puppy as it is for the puppy.

  1. Better Control

There is no worse feeling than the sense you’ve lost control. When you’re out in public, walking the puppy, or any other scenario, you must maintain control. Leash training is a great supplement to puppy training because it’s an easy way to seize control of your dog. 

  1. Increase Safety

A well-trained dog is a safe dog. Puppies will get excited and lose themselves from time to time, but the better the puppy training, the more easily you can maintain that control. They are safer around people, other dogs, and the environment. This is also true the other way around. Children can interact with your dog safely, as can visitors or other unfamiliar people your dog encounters in their life.

  1. Healthy Stimulation

Puppies naturally possess a ton of energy. Puppy training is a constructive way to release that energy and provide your dog with healthy stimulation for their developing brain. You also gain the benefit of physical exercise.

  1. Better Understanding

Because you’re working hands-on with your puppy, you better understand their personality, habits, and motivations. Understanding your puppy’s personality and unique traits solidifies the bond and create a friendship for life. You’ll find that this connection makes for a significant bond that you can’t necessarily find anywhere else. This is what makes dogs such popular pets.

  1. Socialization

Socialization is a crucial aspect of a dog’s life. Dogs are social creatures by nature, but just like people, they don’t inherently know the best ways to interact with other dogs or people. Puppy training places them in a social environment early on in their development, creating comfort with other people. Because you also gain the benefits of control and safety, you can take your puppy to the dog park or other public situations with confidence, giving them additional opportunities to positively interact with the environment around them. They are also less likely to require aggressive dog training as a result.

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