Without proper dog training, there are a host of behavioral issues your dog will develop or that they naturally have but are never taught proper behavior. In some instances, dog training even involves a little bit of training for you as a pet owner as well. This is where professional dog training becomes an important asset in a long, healthy relationship between you and your furry friend!

Don’s Behavioral Dog Training brings decades of experience in several forms of dog training philosophies as well as a strong understanding of dog psychology. This all helps us understand the way dogs think and therefore allow us to communicate with them effectively so that they become well-behaved members of your family.

Here are some common dog behavioral issues we experience all across Elk River, Minnesota and beyond. Our professional dog training can help curb and even eliminate many of these behaviors, so feel free to contact us today to learn more!


This can be one of the most difficult and unfortunate behaviors to deal with as a pet owner because it jeopardizes the safety of you, your family and other pets. It is also a popular reason for people getting rid of their dog, which is terribly sad. However, your dog’s aggression toward other dogs, people or both can be corrected. Our aggression dog training expertly works toward correcting the causes of aggression in the first place by understanding the way your dog thinks. Identifying the root of the issue allows us to correct it.


Many pet owners don’t walk their dogs enough or at all because of the frustration they experience with their dog on the leash. Pulling is an issue many dogs exhibit, but it is easily correctable with our professional dog training. Leash training establishes to your pup that you are in charge and therefore they should listen to you and want to listen to you.


Dogs can whine for many different reasons as it is a vocal communication method for them. Not all whining is bad, but excessive whining is usually a symptom of separation anxiety. General dog training should include allowing your dog to feel safe and comfortable on their own. Just be mindful of how and why your dog whines as sometimes it is legitimate communication.


This behavioral issue is typically at least partially the fault of the pet owner. Begging is a bad habit that you should not encourage by feeding your dog from the table or any human food for that matter as it leads to health complications and obesity. Dog obedience training teaches your dog that you are in charge and they should listen to you at all times. This will curb their begging along with many other behavioral problems.

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We hope you found today’s post informative and helpful. There’s no question Don’s Behavioral Dog Training can help you and your dog come to a full understanding so that the relationship is strong and healthy for the future, whether your dog is just a puppy or is older. Once you become the accepted leader, the rest falls into place. So contact us today to learn more or to schedule a free consultation with Don and take the first step to an obedient, well-behaved dog!