Dog training takes time, commitment, and dedication. But it also requires a certain level of knowledge and experience to most effectively take hold. For many people, the time commitment of training their dog is just a little too much, or they don’t possess all the necessary tools to get the most from their time. And that’s OK! It’s definitely a lot harder than it looks.

But turning to professional dog training is without question the best way to create a well-behaved pet that you can take with you anywhere and trust them to do as they’re told when they’re told to do it. At Don’s Behavioral Dog Training in Elk River, Minnesota, our dog trainer, Don Dahlberg, has decades of experience training dogs. Studying a myriad of dog training philosophies over the years, Don understands that the best way to train a dog is to think like a dog. 

With Don’s help, you too can have the best dog in the neighborhood that everybody loves. We’ve identified five major benefits to training your dog to help you better understand why professional dog training is worth the investment!

  1. You’ll Bond With Your Dog.

Dogs are just like any creature. They work harder for you when there is a bond. By working with Don throughout the training process, you and your dog will bond and form a stronger connection that will last a lifetime. Puppy training is the best way to establish a bond.  

  1. Your Dog Will Be More Socialized.

One of the toughest situations when you’re out with your dog is when they become excited. This can be around people and especially in the presence of other dogs. They are social creatures by nature, which is one of the many things we love about our furry friends. However, this excitement can cause them to stop listening to you. Dog training is a great way to socialize your dog with other people and other dogs and use these encounters to “proof” the commands you are teaching your dog/puppy.

  1. Your Dog Receives Mental Stimulation and Exercise.

The amount of stimulation and exercise your dog needs can vary depending on the breed, but all dogs require some of both. Dog training is a fantastic way to engage their minds and learn, which your dog loves as much as a child does. Dog training gets you and your dog outside and interacting with their environment.

  1. You’ll Manage Your Dog More Easily.

Leash training is one of the many aspects of dog training we offer, and this is an important skill because it makes your dog far more manageable out in the world. It’s best to start them young and create strong behaviors moving forward, but a dog at any age can go through leash training. This, along with learning basic commands, makes your dog well-behaved and a true member of the family instead of having to be left at home all the time.

  1. Your Dog Will Be Much Safer

A well-trained dog is a safe dog. This is true for the dog as well as your family and friends. Dog training teaches your dog all the basic commands they need to know, and with Don, he helps you teach the dog to listen to you whenever you give a command. Trained dogs are at a lower risk for getting struck by cars, attacked by another dog, and are less likely to be given up for adoption or simply running away.

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We hope you found today’s post informative and helpful. There’s no question Don’s Behavioral Dog Training can help you and your dog come to a full understanding so that the relationship is strong and healthy for the future, whether your dog is just a puppy or is older. So contact us today to learn more or schedule a free consultation with Don and take the first step to an obedient, well-behaved dog!