1. 10 Myths About Dog Training

    Dog training, for better or worse, is far from an exact science. There are many different schools of thought out there when it comes to the best way to train dogs to behave properly. In fact, some may even disagree as to what exactly behavior is deemed “proper” for a dog. Then you throw in the a…Read More

  2. 10 Benefits of Puppy Training

    When it comes to the development of a dog’s life, the first 16 weeks are critically important to their growth. This is both true for their physical health as well as their mental and emotional development. This is very similar to the development of a child. It sets the foundation for the rest of t…Read More

  3. Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Training

    Could you possibly imagine where we would all be as people without formal education and training? Obtaining the necessary information and training is a large part of becoming an adult and a functioning member of society. The same can be said about dog training. How can you expect a dog to behave and…Read More

  4. Dog Training: Common Dog Behavioral Issues

    Without proper dog training, there are a host of behavioral issues your dog will develop or that they naturally have but are never taught proper behavior. In some instances, dog training even involves a little bit of training for you as a pet owner as well. This is where professional dog training be…Read More

  5. Puppy standing near his water dish

    Dog Training: 5 Benefits To Training Your Dog

    Dog training takes time, commitment and dedication. But it also requires a certain level of knowledge and experience to most effectively take hold. For many people, the time commitment of training their dog is just a little too much or they don’t possess all the necessary tools to get the most fro…Read More

  6. Get to Know Our Minnesota Professional Dog Training

    Hello and welcome to the official blog page of Don’s Behavioral Dog Training based right here in Elk River, Minnesota! We’re so happy to have you with us today and can’t wait to get into a greater discussion about the fascinating world of dog training. We all love our dogs. How could you not? …Read More

  7. Dog Training

    Dog training is the responsibility that YOU signed on for when you brought your dog through your front door for the first time. The whole dog training experience can be pleasant for BOTH you and your dog. Dog training does not have to be hard or frustrating. It is therefore vital that you adopt the …Read More

  8. Dog Training Philosophy

    Dog training is the process of teaching a dog to perform behaviors in response to certain commands. There are many types of dog training and many objectives, from basic obedience training to specialized areas including police dog, search and rescue, assistance to people with disabilities and enterta…Read More

  9. About My Professional Dog Training

    Hi, I’m Don Dahlberg, a professional dog trainer specializing in dog psychology and communication. If you’re struggling with your dog, or they’ve got a behavioral issue, maybe with a young puppy and you’ve tried everything and you don’t know where else to go then, I would love to have the …Read More